Though the movie world is quickly heading toward awards-season burnout, there's one more big dose of cinematic pomp and circumstance to dig into: the 83rd annual Academy Awards.

We're not quite to the big Oscars telecast yet. (Hosts Anne Hathaway and Best Actor nominee James Franco have the task of entertaining us on Feb. 27, 2011.) But for now, it's time to dig into this year's players to see how the Academy's interests match and diverge from the awards dished out at the Golden Globes. We made these picks a while back, but the speculation is now over: Congratulations to this year's Oscar nominees.

'True Grit' scored 10 total nominations and 'The Social Network' and 'Inception' each bagged eight, but it looks like 'The King's Speech,' with 12, is this year's big winner, earning nods for everything from directing to screenplay. And though 'Black Swan' was removed from the race for Best Score, the Darren Aronofsky film landed coveted directing, screenplay and acting nods.

Will Golden Globe–winner Natalie Portman, who doesn't seem to have been hurt one iota by her oddly timed rom-com, continue her streak? Or could newcomer Hailee Steinfeld sneak away with a youthful win for 'True Grit'? Will James Franco be the first Oscar host in history to simultaneously win for 'Best Actor'? Meanwhile, 'The Fighter,' which brought home 7 nominations overall, sees a Best Supporting Actress standoff between Amy Adams and Melissa Leo.

With 10 nominees in the Best Picture pool, perhaps it's not a huge surprise that 'Toy Story 3' managed to make its way into the race, but it'll face tough competition from biggies like 'The Social Network,' 'Black Swan,' 'The King's Speech' and indie powerhouse 'Winter's Bone.'

Finally, Canada gets a little love this year, with Denis Villeneuve's 'Incendies' as one of the top picks for Best Foreign Film.

Check out the full list of nominees.