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For Blu-ray Vets:

'Enter the Void'

What It's About: A young drug dealer dies in Tokyo; his spirit then travels through time and space as he relives old memories and checks in on his sister.

Features: Deleted scenes, trailers, teasers, unused trailers, 12-minute VFX reel (no audio), "Vortex" and "DMT" extended scenes, posters.

Transfer/Audio: We haven't found any reviews of the Blu-ray yet, but Marina Antunes at Row Three reviewed the DVD and commented: "It's highly recommended that if you have the capability, bypass the DVD and head straight for the Blu-Ray release for the closest theatrical experience." [Note: Image above is not from the Blu-ray, which is being released by MPI.]

Replay Value: "A powerfully bizarre movie, a psychedelic trip that must be experienced -- not just seen and heard but experienced -- to be believed," wrote our own Eric D. Snider. Yours truly completely concurs with that opinion; my colleague Christopher Campbell and I felt that it was one of the best films of 2010. The first viewing is the litmus test; either you're completely swept up in the wash of imagery and sounds or completely repelled. If you're swept up, you'll want to experience it again; if not, you'll be asking for a refund before you're halfway through.