The following post does not reflect the opinions of everyone at Moviefone. In fact, we all started arguing about this very subject just seconds after the nominations were announced.

With this morning's Oscar announcements, one of the breakout stories has been Christopher Nolan's lack of Best Director nomination for helming 'Inception.'

After giving us the most epic Batman movie ever -- and getting snubbed in the category then, as well -- audiences thought that he would finally get his due this time, but no such luck. The rallying cry issued by his fans now appears to be hoping that he wins the Best Original Screenplay award as a kind of condolence prize.

In my opinion, that would be seriously misguided, because the writing is the worst thing about 'Inception.'

In fact, I'd say that the movie succeeds in spite of its writing and that about the only component of 'Inception' that didn't deserve to be nominated is the screenplay.

I'll tell you why after the jump.

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