As an actor, Vera Farmiga is known for deeply intelligent, emotionally complex performances in films like 'Up in the Air,''The Departed' and 'Down to the Bone.' In 'Higher Ground,' she uses her extraordinary talents to direct and star in a unique and bracingly honest narrative about one woman's spiritual crisis.

Corinne Miller (Farmiga), her husband Ethan (Joshua Leonard) and their children are part of a small community of fundamentalist Christians, but her faith is wavering. Corinne's search for meaning -- or at least belonging -- begins as a child in church camp when she raises her hand to be saved. As she gets older, religion takes a backseat to family problems and the long-haired rocker who soon becomes her husband. Corinne ends up pregnant and married to Ethan straight out of high school. She gives up her dreams of being a writer, and he gives up his dreams of being a rock star. Later, following a terrifying accident, they become deeply religious.