It's always fun when a horror movie is treated like a bona-fide film, and it's more than doubly cool when a horror movie is actually treated that way by "The Academy." In honor of the fine work put forth by Natalie Portman, Darren Aronofsky, and the whole 'Black Swan' team, here's a quick look back at how horror films have fared at Oscar night, starting with this morning's nominations and working backwards.

2010 -- 'Black Swan,' the tale of a delicate, frazzled woman who drives herself insane through paranoia, ballet, and stress-inducing sex, lands five nominations (Best Picture, Director, Actress, Editing, and Cinematography). And because Rick Baker worked on it, 'The Wolfman' earns one for Best Makeup.

2009 -- Nary a horror film nomination in sight, unless you consider 'District 9' a horror film, which it sort of is in Act III.

2008 -- 'Hellboy 2: The Golden Army' for Best Makeup. It lost to 'Benjamin Button.'