What's that you say? More James Franco news, because seeing his name attached to every other casting story isn't enough for you? Let us oblige you then. Franco is apparently cornering the market on biopics and may be reunited with 'Howl' directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman in a film about porn star Linda Lovelace. The duo has been developing the movie -- based on Eric Danville's 'The Complete Linda Lovelace' -- and according to The Wrap are in talks with the young actor to twirl his stache and come aboard.

Franco might be amassing himself a collection of unsavory characters to play. Recently there was news that the star might be taking on the role of Satanic serial killer Richard Ramirez. Now the Lovelace project has him attached to Chuck Traynor -- Lovelace's violent, abusive husband and manager who reportedly forced the actress into prostitution, amongst other horrible acts. Kate Hudson has been tapped to play Lovelace and the whole thing should be a done deal if Franco signs on. Epstein and Friedman have been trying to settle finances for the film since last year. Hopefully Franco's Oscar nomination helps things move forward, as long as his ridiculous schedule doesn't prevent it.
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