James FrancoOscar nominations have finally been announced and, as usual, they're already causing controversy across the entertainment world. Whether it's Christopher Nolan's shocking snub in the directing bracket or the absence of 'TRON: Legacy' from the visual categories, pundits, bloggers and armchair critics have spent the day avidly debating the wisdom of the Academy.

One nomination that shocked no one, though, was James Franco's nod for Best Actor; his harrowing performance in '127 Hours' instantly made him a front-runner in the category. But with the nomination, Franco has been put in a peculiar position: The versatile actor will be pulling double duty as the co-host of the ceremony.

Peculiar, but not unique. Franco joins a short list of Oscar hosts who have also been up for awards the same year. So, how well did previous overachieving creative types fare when it came to taking home the gold?

Let's glance back at the other nominees* who doubled as hosts, and see whether the Academy rewarded them for their troubles.
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