YouTube user whoiseyevan is back again, with another new "premake" trailer – and this time he's tackling Disney/Pixar's beloved animated feature 'Up.'

If you haven't been keeping up to speed with whoiseyevan's work, he's the one responsible for seven trailers (to date) that he calls "premakes." What's a premake? It's a reimagined trailer for a popular film made by splicing together footage from dozens of older movies. Featuring dialogue, clever visuals, and all the aesthetic elements of the original feature, premakes are a really neat way to take a look at some of our favorite films in an entirely new, and often hilarious, light.

The latest clip is particularly cool, though, if only because it takes an animated film and reimagines it with real actors. whoiseyevan's new trailer is set in an alternate reality where Disney and Pixar made 'Up' as a live-action film from the 1960s –- one featuring Spencer Tracy in the lead role and Kirk Douglas as his nemesis. The two-and-a-half-minute clip feaures footage from numerous other films, including 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner,''The Red Balloon' and Stephen King's 'It.' Tracy is perfect as Carl Fredricksen. Be sure to check it out after the jump.
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