If you're in Park City enjoying Sundance 2011, use this as your handy guide to notable screenings and events popping up in the snowy mountain town. If you're stuck elsewhere, consider this your roadmap for navigating all the indie buzz.

The forecast for Tuesday, Jan. 25: 50-50 chance it will snow, with a balmy temperature of 32 degrees

9:00 AM:
'Troubadours' at Yarrow Hotel Theatre
Morgan Neville looks into the scene that descended after the politically charged tunes of the '60s, namely the singer-songwriters of the '70s. You know, James Taylor and Carole King, plus Crosby, Browne, Mitchell, Kristofferson and more.

11:30 AM: 'Sing Your Song' at Prospector Square Theatre
In another sector of the music kingdom, Susanne Rostock looks into the life of Harry Belafonte as singer, actor and activist. The film outlines his "provocative crossover into Hollywood," as well as his close work with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and "unwarranted invasions by the FBI into both his personal life and career." THR gave it a great review.

Noon: 'Another Earth' at Yarrow Hotel Theatre
Instead of crazily kooky women and floofy men, how about a little romance resting in the sci-fi spectrum? Mike Cahill's film follows a female astrophysicist and a composer who become close on the eve of a discovery of a duplicate Earth.