Penn Badgley and 'Win Win's' Alex Shaffer take to the slopes, while other 'Gossip Girl-ite' Leighton Meester is snapped with Minka Kelly. Ed Helms kisses himself. Twilight alert: Stewart's ex, Michael Angarano, hangs with her soon-to-be-film-mother-in-law Elizabeth Reaser. Lake Bell waves for the camera. Hopping to a 'Higher Ground' with Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga. And what celeb roundup is complete without Mario Lopez?

Erik Davis braved the hub-ub to see 'Red State.' He wrote: "The problem with 'Red State,' though, is that all the politics, preaching and gotta-slide-them-in-there sex jokes sort of overwhelm the movie to the point that it feels scattered and a little unfocused. Not that there aren't moments that completely paralyze you, but unfortunately those moments become hard to hear and recognize over all the loud, obnoxious gunfire."

Jenni Miller saw Miranda July's latest, 'The Future,' raving: "Viewers going into 'The Future' expecting a quirky comedy with a wacky talking cat will be sorely disappointed and possibly even pissed off. Those who go in with an open mind, however, will be rewarded. (I would be remiss if I didn't admit that it took well over 24 hours for me to come to terms with this myself.) July's bravery as a performer and storyteller to put herself and her characters in awkward or even harrowing situations is to be commended; to make this a happy, easy story would have been half-assed."

Christopher Campbell reviewed 'Hoop Dreams' helmer Steve James' latest, 'The Interrupters.' It looks like the talent is still there: "Like his 17-year-old classic, this is an incredible and moving film."

Campbell also had a chat with Morgan Spurlock about his latest doc, 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' and the business around corporate sponsorship.