Many of you out there will instantly relate to 'The Lie.' It's a film about reaching your thirties, getting married and having children, but then realizing that the responsibilities of being married and having children have altered the goals you originally set up for yourself. Perhaps you've changed, and your partner has changed, and now it's about finding the right diapers -- or the right benefits package, or the right stroller -- instead of finding the right you.

Co-written, directed by and starring Joshua Leonard, 'The Lie' features Leonard and Jess Weixler as Lonnie and Clover, a couple of recovering hippies who've grown up, gotten married, had a kid, and have begun to adapt to life after children. Lonnie has put his musical aspirations on hold in order to work a job he hates so that his family can stay afloat. Meanwhile, his wife Clover is about to graduate from school and has been offered a comfy job at a large drug company that instantly conflicts with the couple's pure, all-organic lifestyle, but, heck, there's great benefits and life insurance ... and, well, they kinda need that stuff now.

Problem is, Lonnie's slowly having a breakdown -- a third-life crisis -- and after ditching work a couple days in a row, Lonnie melts down and spits out an awful lie to his boss to explain his absence, which ultimately changes his and his family's life forever.
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The Lie
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Deciding he needs some time away from his soul-killing job, a man (Joshua Leonard) tells a shocking lie... Read More