• Reportedly as a result of recent test screenings (which isn't an encouraging sign), 'Scream 4' will be going back in front of cameras once again for reshoots to amp up the intensity of the film's opening scene.

  • Brian De Palma is planning a remake of the recent French Film 'Love Crime' ('Crime d'amour') set in the U.K. Variety has him describing the film thus: "Not since 'Dressed to Kill' have I had a chance to combine eroticism, suspense, mystery and murder into one spellbinding cinematic experience."

  • The Chinese remake of 'What Women Want,' retitled 'I Know a Woman's Heart,' will be getting a simultaneous release in the US and Canada this coming February 3rd.

  • New posters have hit for 'Battle: Los Angeles,''Source Code' and 'Hanna.' Check them all out below:
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