The very funny Ed Helms followed in his 'Daily Show' colleague Steve Carell's footsteps by joining 'The Office,' and thereafter branched out into films. 'The Hangover' helped make his toothy face recognizable to even more people; now, in addition to 'The Hangover 2' (due May 26), Helms has 'Cedar Rapids,' in which he is not a supporting player but the star. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and Fox Searchlight will release it theatrically Feb. 11.

I met with Helms on Jan. 24 at a venue in Park City, Utah, that had been made to look like the small-town insurance office inhabited by his 'Cedar Rapids' character. As he sat down, he cautioned me that despite the setting, he didn't actually know anything about insurance. I threw away all my insurance-related questions, and here's what followed.

Cinematical: First of all, happy birthday, am I right?
Ed Helms: You're exactly right! Thank you very much!

I looked you up on the Wikipedias, and today's your birthday. You were born in 1974, right?

So, when you were 10 years old, watching 'Ghostbusters,' did you ever imagine that one day you would have a sex scene with Sigourney Weaver?
Oh my God, that is a fabulous question. That's when the fantasy first started. Of course, I never, ever would have imagined that it could actually happen. She was ... she's just a remarkably sexy woman.