The full title of Andrew Rossi's 'Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times' is a tad misleading. It implies a chronological narrative and linear look at the making of the Gray Lady, still the king of newspapers, over the course of 12 months. Instead, it's an episodic and discontinuous, though still very engaging and watchable, documentary primarily focused on the Times' media desk and some of its biggest stories, including shifts in new media and the continued hearkening of the death of print journalism.

The film opens assuredly with shots of the printing press and stocks of rolls of newsprint (I won't lie, I immediately thought of the end of 'The Green Hornet'). Then we meet young reporter Brian Stelter -- whose weight appears to fluctuate over the course of the film, likely the most revealing evidence of the non-linear construction -- as he works on a story about WikiLeaks' breakout video controversy last April. Certainly this is a relevant angle and so appropriately is featured first to hook the viewers.
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Page One: Inside The New York Times
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