If you're in Park City enjoying Sundance 2011, use this as your handy guide to notable screenings and events popping up in the snowy mountain town. If you're stuck elsewhere, consider this your roadmap for navigating all the indie buzz.

The forecast for Wednesday, Jan. 26: The snow should ease up, though the chill is here to stay with a high of 31 degrees.

9:00 AM: 'Margin Call' at Eccles Theatre
A late entry into the fest, its first screening just last night, 'Margin Call' sees Zachary Quinto hitting the big leagues alongside heavy hitters like Spacey, Irons and Tucci in the story of an investment firm during a 24-hour period as the 2008 financial crisis hit. It was a Black Listed script, but response is mixed, even with such promise.

11:00 AM: Music and Film, the Creative Process at Sundance House
A slew of directors and composers are coming together for this panel to discuss the relationship between -- obviously -- directors and composers and what goes into cultivating a great cinematic score.

11:30 AM: 'Mad Bastards' at Prospector Square Theatre
A tri-generational Australian drama about a young boy and budding arsonist, his wayward father the boy has never known and his cop grandfather who tries to straighten him out,Brendan Fletcher whipped up his first feature with the help of local Aboriginal communities.