Earlier this week we shared our review of the Sundance film 'Silent House' along with our interview with co-directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, who had previously given us the edge-of-your-seat thriller 'Open Water.' Leading up to and during Sundance, 'Silent House' –- which is a remake of a recent foreign film -- was being billed as a feature film made up of one, long continuous shot.

When we sat down with Kentis and Lau, they were content on sticking with this marketing tactic -- that the film was all one shot and quite tough to pull off. We lightly pressed them on the one-shot thing, and we could tell they weren't comfortable going into too many details because, look, fact of the matter is there were plenty of oppurtunities to include a few cuts throughout the film and a quick, well-trained eye could spot one or two.

Slashfilm picked up our interview the other day during a story in which they criticized the one-shot marketing tactic -– which had included a Sundance poster calling out the filmmaking technique –- for being a sham. Just another device used to try to sell a low-budget scary movie in a market that seems to be oversaturated with low-budget scary movies.