Hollywood's call to arms used to be "Let's put on a play." Now, of course, it's "Let's redo a classic," and the latest classic to come under the gun is 'Snow White,' a project over at Universal that has just gotten more oomph by attracting Viggo Mortensen for one of the lead roles, according to Variety (Michael Fassbender had been interested in the film, but just took on a role in Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus').

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter reports that Kristen Stewart is now at the top of the list to play Snow White. Although Universal has conducted screen tests with actresses such as Riley Keough, Felicity Jones, Alicia Vikander and Emily Browning, the studio has its heart set on Stewart (with no screen test required). The actress is finishing up her 'Twilight' stint, and THR reports that "the 'Snow White' team has been making repeated overtures even as late as last week."

Joe Roth (of $1 billion–worldwide-grossing 'Alice in Wonderland' fame) is producing the redo of the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, titled 'Snow White and the Huntsman.' Mortensen would play the huntsman.

In this version, the huntsman, ordered by the evil queen to kill Snow White, instead becomes her protector and the duo goes on the run from the nasty monarch. Charlize Theron is in talks to play the queen, according to Variety.
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