There are few actors as consistently interesting as Ben Foster. In one film he's a tortured pretty boy coming to terms with mutant powers; in another, he's an Iraq War veteran shouldering the responsibility of telling bereaved families about their dead sons and daughters; and in his latest, 'The Mechanic,' he's a troubled 20-something who enlists a seasoned hitman to show him the ropes. What's most compelling about these wildly different characters is not that he attempts to play each of them, but that he pulls it off -- which is why he continues to be one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, in films both epic and intimate.

Moviefone sat down with Foster at the recent Los Angeles press day for 'The Mechanic.' While marveling at the oddball interior of the SLS Hotel as he talked about the role, Foster provided some insights into his approach to these different kinds of characters, and offered his thoughts about balancing his own impulses as a performer with the prospect of collaborating with cast and crew members on a movie that they all want to be successful, creatively and commercially.
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The Mechanic
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