In 'Drive Angry 3D,'Nicolas Cage stars as Milton, an undead felon who has broken free from hell with one goal in mind: revenge. Specifically, revenge against the evil cult that murdered his daughter and is planning to sacrifice his infant granddaughter. Out of the underworld, behind the wheel of '69 Charger and with a hot waitress by his side, Milton will run down anyone that gets in his way -- human or not.

Even crazier than that plot is the fact that 'Drive Angry' will be our first chance to experience the wonder of Nicolas Cage in eye-popping 3D. If you can't wait until Friday, Feb. 25, when the movie opens in theaters, Moviefone has a very special technological marvel for you, right now.

After the jump, get your exclusive first look at the 3D MOTION POSTER of Nicolas Cage in 'Drive Angry 3D'!
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