I wish some sort of church group would protest Peter D. Richardson's 'How to Die in Oregon,' a simply shot but perfectly serviceable film that needs far more attention, even if negative, than Kevin Smith's latest. HBO produced the documentary and plans to air it later this year, so it won't fall between the cracks, yet it's also not the most buzzed-about doc at Sundance, mainly because of its hard to bear subject matter. The film tackles the controversial laws in Oregon and Washington that permit physician-assisted suicide.

Actually, suicide is considered the wrong word for what the law allows, because of the negative connotation that suicides are mostly all selfish and depressed people giving up on life. Those who choose to die through the Death With Dignity Act consist of people suffering great pain and shame from lethal afflictions, such as cancer, who want to burn out brightly before fading away miserably and with gradually failing parts.