One of the more fascinating premieres taking place at Sundance this week is the Ridley Scott-produced, Kevin Macdonald-directed 'Life in a Day,' which is a film comprised of footage shot by regular folks all around the world on the same day. You may remember earlier last year when we told you about the project -- about how anyone anywhere could document their day, and that your footage could be included in the final film. Well it's done now, and premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival right now.

Since YouTube was a big partner is bringing the film together, they're making the premiere available for anyone to watch. Additionally, roughly 25 (or so) of the folks featured in the film were flown out to Sundance for the premiere, and one night we were lucky enough to run into one of the filmmakers featured in 'Life in a Day,' which, of course, led to an interesting 5-minute interview about the documenting of his day, as well as his fascinating journey to Sundance.

Check out both the interview and the film after the jump. You can also read our review, which we posted simultaneously. Enjoy.