While most of Sundance has been talking about break-out star (and hidden Olsen sister) Elizabeth Olsen, a girl by the name of Brit Marling is simultaneously catapulting herself to Sundance super stardom. Both Marling ('Another Earth,' 'Sound of My Voice') and Olsen ('Silent House,' 'Martha Marcy May Marlene') appear in two films at the 2011 festival, but Marling stands out a touch more because she also co-wrote and produced both the films she starred in. Not only that, but both her films are two of the best screening at this year's festival.

Marling represents an interesting new crop of talent; one who's watched the DIY "Mumblecore" movement grow, has learned from its mistakes, missteps and, at times, meandering messiness, and has taken it to the next, logical level by concentrating heavily on creating grounded, relatable relationship stories while surrounding them with an intriguing genre element. 'Another Earth' (read our review) featured the relationship between a devastated girl (played by Marling) and the man whose family she accidentally killed, all set to the backdrop of the discovery of a second planet Earth. Meanwhile, 'Sound of My Voice' tells of two people who attempt to infiltrate a cult and secretly film a documentary about the woman in charge. A woman, mind you, who claims to be from the future.
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Sound of My Voice
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