Captain America spends a lot of time fighting villains like the Red Skull and keeping our country safe as part of The Avengers, but the superhero has also taken time out of his busy schedule to combat another heinous foe: the homeless problem facing U.S. veterans. Don't look for Steve Rogers behind the winged cowl, though. Meet Allen Mullins, a 28-year-old former contractor who is traveling across the U.S. on foot with a pup named Justice ... and a message.

Mullins -- who only carries with him a backpack, sleeping bag, American flag, clothing, press clippings and a Bible -- is making a pilgrimage to every U.S. capital city to bring attention to the difficulties our country's war veterans are facing. He recently told Austin360 that he walked 5,000 miles in 2009, and since January last year, he's visited 27 capital cities. He plans on doing this for the next 10 years.
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