Earlier today Ben Worcester reminded us of one of the more entertaining short films we screened at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Technically a music video for Das Racist's 'Who's That Brooown,' this played before the angry, pre-apocalyptic, Mad Max–inspired 'Bellflower,' which was one of the more popular films among the press we hung out with.

'Who's That Brooown' is an 8-bit animated music video that follows Das Racist around New York as they attempt to replace Jay-Z and Justin Bieber at a concert after their shared stretched hummer is hit by a meteor. Join the duo on an adventure that finds them battling yuppie gentrifiers on the subway, ducking golf balls in Murray Hill and crossing the East River without getting run over -- all while randomly avoiding Sarah Palin in a bikini.

The best thing about the music video is that you can also play the game too. So, watch the video after the jump, and then check out the real game right here.