If you asked me a month or two ago where the Sundance Film Festival was held, I probably would have guessed somewhere in Colorado instead of where it's actually held: Park City, Utah. Don't get me wrong, I knew plenty about the festival and its pedigree. I just thought it was held in that ski town from 'Dumb and Dumber.'

In other words, I possessed zero notion that I'd ever actually get a chance to go, much less have any idea what it would actually be like. Hollywood moves fast, though, and before I knew it the 8-bit animated music video that my girlfriend worked on was in the festival and we had tickets to go.

Since arriving here on Saturday, I've been running around watching dramas, documentaries, shorts, premieres -- pretty much anything I could get a ticket to. It's been an absolute blast. I've learned a ton about what it's like to be here and thought I would share a few pearls of wisdom I gained from my first Sundance experience.