Above: 'Life in a Day' participants Hiroaki Aikawa and Taiji Aikawa. Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven grin for the camera. Vera Farmiga resurrects the super-comfy plaid flannel. Demi Moore doesn't realize stilettos aren't snow boots. Tobey Maguire gets a kiss. Rosie O'Donnell poses with Chaz Bono. Lauryn Hill sings.

Jenni Miller reviewed 'Submarine' and writes: "[Richard] Ayoade's experience and talent as a writer, actor and director informs 'Submarine's' every frame and allows it to blossom into something more than just another coming-of-age comedy."

Christopher Campbell fights the tears for 'How to Die in Oregon,' a documentary that "features no bells and whistles or big narrative surprises or interesting camerawork that gets most docs notice these days (though the excellent final shot/moment is a distinct and unexpected way to end). All it has, and all it needs, is a controversial topic addressed sufficiently and respectably."

He also raves about 'Life in a Day,' asking, "What is the wonderful and fascinating new documentary 'Life in a Day' about? Yes. What? Exactly. 'Life in a Day' is a film about what."

Erik Davis talks with one of the participants in 'Life in a Day.'

He also reviews Brit Marling's 'Sound of My Voice' and writes, "Is Maggie from the future, or is she simply scamming everyone who crosses her path? That's the biggest question in the film, and Marling -- along with her co-writer and first-time director Zal Batmanglij -- provide the most brilliant answer that will have you talking long after the end credits roll."