If there is justice in the world, Ed Helms will soon be a comedy star whose name above the title sells a movie all by itself. A veteran of 'The Daily Show,' 'The Office,' and 'The Hangover' (plus its impending sequel), Helms is a master of lovable, slightly square awkwardness, and there's room for him at the top. 'Cedar Rapids' probably is not the film that will do it for him, but it's a step in the right direction, a reasonably successful attempt to capitalize on Helms' skills.

He plays Tim Lippe, an insurance agent in a small Wisconsin town who must attend a convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where a prestigious award will be bestowed upon a deserving member of the American Society of Mutual Insurers. The central joke of the film is that to Tim Lippe -- a rube who wears Dockers and sweater vests and has never been on an airplane or even stayed in a hotel -- Cedar Rapids is the BIG CITY.
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Cedar Rapids
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Insurance agent Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) is sublimely naive: He has never stayed in a hotel, has never flown... Read More