This news is almost too good to be true -- which is precisely why, for the moment, it's an unconfirmed rumor -- but according to screenshots that were passed along to Engadget over the weekend, Amazon is on the verge of offering a Netflix-like, unlimited-video-streaming service to anyone who pays for an Amazon Prime account. And if you already have a Prime account, your movie-loving brain is no doubt going OMG-OMG-OMG! right this very second; if you don't have one, or don't even know what a Prime account is, here's what the arrangement would look like:

An Amazon Prime account costs $79 a year and primarily gives you free two-day shipping on almost any item sold directly from Amazon (and a big discount on overnight shipping). Basically, if you buy a lot of items from the retailer, it's already a great deal. Now imagine having access to 5,000 movies and TV shows in addition to the heavily discounted shipping rates at no additional cost.

Compare that $79 Amazon Prime annual cost to Netflix' $95.88 for its unlimited streaming service. Free shipping and $16 savings? Yeah, that's kind of a big deal.
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