We reported earlier that legendary film composer, John Barry, has died at the age of 77. The Oscar-winning, British soundtrack maestro (who immersed himself in the family movie theater business at a young age) left behind some of the most dramatic scores in cinematic history. His best-known and most memorable hooks were for the James Bond series, where he combined twangy rhythms, brassy cheesecake and jazz to help craft 007's calling card. While he rocked the Bond series, he left behind a legacy of other works well into the '90s including the ambitious Academy award-winning score for 'Dances with Wolves' in 1990, and the award-nominated soundtrack for 'Chaplin' in 1992.

After the jump, bask in the excellence of a few favorite Barry scores (not all of them Bond, even!). Feel free to share your picks in the comments section.