In 'Homework,'Emma Roberts stars as Sally, a popular teen at an uptown Manhattan prep school who becomes friends with the senior class outsider George. George, played by Freddie Highmore, is a boyish nihilist who won't be graduating if he doesn't complete an entire year's worth of homework in the last few weeks leading up to graduation. Sally's got her own problems, of course, and the two find their unlikely friendship a source of inspiration and strength -- until things get complicated. (Read our review of 'Homework')

Cinematical: Let's talk about filming in New York -- what did you discover about New York that you hadn't known before?

Emma Roberts: I was staying in the West Village, which is my favorite area now, and I would just go outside everyday and just walk around and wander and sit at little outdoor restaurants and read and hang out and meet up with friends, and it was just the perfect time to be in New York, in April, and I had so much fun. Shooting in New York is just always fun because the second you're off work, there's so many things you can go and do.
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