Looking like everything ever created in the 'Terminator' and 'Matrix' series, blended with Japanese monster flicks and Michael Bay's jockstrap is the Tamil sci-fi flick 'Enthiran.' The Kollywood blockbuster, which was shot over two years and released last October, is reportedly the most expensive movie in Indian cinema history. One look at the C.G.-drenched clip we posted after the jump will easily explain why.

S. Shankar's 'Enthiran' has everything: cyborgs, car chases, choppers, machine guns, giant cobras ... the list of ridiculousness goes on an on. Apparently there's a story in there somewhere too. The "plot" revolves around a scientist with Don King hair who has created an android with the ability to feel human emotion. Eventually his creation falls in love with his fiancee and is scooped up into enemy hands. Everything hits the fan when the unruly bot tries to destroy the world.