Ever since premiering his film 'Red State' at Sundance last week (read our review), Kevin Smith has been doing a ton of word-of-mouth press through his Twitter feed and appearances on several radio shows. As far as other press opportunities, Smith has teased something called S'Meet the Press, in which he will chat with a member of the press and publish the discussion unfiltered through his podcast network. But regardless of whether that happens or not, we're sure to be hearing a lot more about Kevin Smith, 'Red State' and his plan to put the film in theaters himself through his new SModcast Pictures label.

But before he begins his cross-country 'Red State' tour on March 5 at New York's Radio City Music Hall (and well before the film actually hits your local theater on Oct. 19), Smith has admitted that he'll be trimming 'Red State' by about five to 10 minutes -- most of which will likely come from the almost 20-minute sermon Michael Parks gives early on in the film. It's a scene that gives us a great piece of acting from Parks, but it unfortunately comes at a time when the tension needs to be upped considerably, and the Parks speech just kinda kills it.

Not only is it nice to see Smith admitting that, but the change will make it a better movie, and a more thrilling one at that. Check out the rest of Smith's comments over on Geek Tyrant, and you can grab a full list of the film's tour dates after the jump.
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