We were hit with quite a surprise last week. After taking up metaphorical arms and rising against the evil MPAA, determined for his studio's films to receive ratings appropriate to their content, Harvey Weinstein began scheming up new edits of the critics and awards favorite, 'The King's Speech.'

Never mind that he called the system outdated and was ready to fight. In lieu of the film's rising number of awards, Weinstein planned to kick off a new marketing strategy that required the film's R-rating-grabbing dialogue to be cleaned up -- language, mind you, that shows up in one key scene; we're not talking about Tarantino-style F-bombs flung to and fro all willy nilly.

The report said that Weinstein was talking to director Tom Hooper about the possibility, and now Hooper has spoken out to make his position quite clear: He does not support cutting the film in any way.
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