Stars in Rewind is a feature that looks at what our favorite movie stars were doing before they were our favorite movie stars. You can find it here every other Monday.

Before Ryan Reynolds found himself trapped in a coffin in 'Buried,' and before his debut as Hal Jordan in 'Green Lantern' this summer, he was Billy Simpson on the Canadian-American teen drama, 'Fifteen.' Canada's YTV and America's Nickelodeon aired the award-nominated soap opera from 1991 to 1993 and followed all the dramas of the students of Hillside School.

The series talked about all the usual angsty teenage suspects like dating, drugs and alcohol, family issues, cliques and peer pressure. It was basically like a much tamer version of Aaron Spelling's 'Beverly Hills, 90210.' The show even had its own bad boy (Dylan) character, and 'Fifteen's' "Peach Pit" was called the Avalon. Reynolds, who was indeed 15 years old at the time, joined the series from the start and starred as Billy Simpson. Billy was a boy with hearts in his eyes for Ashley, played by other notable 'Fifteen' alum, Laura Harris ('Severance' and 'A Mighty Wind').