It's the Monday after Sundance's big closing night awards ceremony and after-party, and, like New Year's morning, it's the perfect time to cast a bleary eye back on what we learned in Park City this year. From red-eye flights and altitude sickness to cramming as many films, interviews, reviews, tweets, vlogs and parties into 10 days as possible, Sundance is like film nerd prom crossed with summer camp crossed with a mental breakdown waiting to happen. That said, it's also very educational! From the utterly absurd to the downright inspiring, here are the top stories from this year's Sundance Film Festival.

1. Audience Q&As fall into two categories: terribly boring or batsh*t crazy.

Two very different movie premieres had two equally different audience reactions during their Q&A's. Lucky McKee's 'The Woman' received the most volatile by far. During the screening, numerous people walked out because of the intensity of the subject matter, and one person even slipped and fell, hitting her head. That was only the beginning, though. Drew McWeeny at HitFix describes in detail a colorful conflagration between one irate viewer who decided to lecture McKee at top volume about his, erm, objections to the film. You can get to know Drew better in our five-minute video interview with the writer here.