According to Wikipedia, Jersey is "a British Crown dependency" on the Channel Islands, so technically that makes Henry Cavill (aka the new Superman) a Brit. Or a Jerseyan. Either way, he's certainly not an American. And hey, the same holds true for our current Batman (Christian Bale, Welshman), and our upcoming Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield, a Brit) is also not from the United States! What's going on here?! (Also this: Thor, a Norse God, will soon be played by an Australian.)

As the news about Mr. Cavill's newfound aversion to Krpytonite crept its way across the Twitter feeds, I noticed two strong reactions. One was from women and gay men, who said stuff like "Superman? More like Superyum!" and the other was from some folks who were outraged that a non-American actor would be asked to play the Man of Steel.

Of course, you couldn't have Superman without some degree of old-fashioned Americana -- that's part of the very fabric of the DC Comics legend -- but it seems a little ridiculous to offer the role to Americans exclusively. After all, the character is from Krypton, not Cleveland.