All About Eve

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For Blu-ray Vets:

'All About Eve'

What It's About: Hiding in a cloak of innocence, ambitious Eve (Anne Baxter) sets her sights on possessing all that Broadway star Margo Channing (Bette Davis) holds dear.

New Features: Promotions for Davis and Baxter, plus a "26-page Digibook with essays and photo case," per DVD Beaver. Nearly all of the special features from the 2-disc special edition on DVD are carried over, save for the restoration comparison.

Transfer/Audio: "Looks fabulous," says DVD Beaver. "Very film-like ... I was expecting it to improve beyond the DVDs, but not this much. I think many fans will swoon."

Replay Value: Backstage theatrical dramas are a tough sell for some, so what if we called the script by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, who also directed, the 1950 version of Quentin Tarantino, only without the profanity and meta-cultural references?

That doesn't quite cut it, because 'All About Eve' is more daring, in that its "heroine" is not terribly likable and its "villain" seems so sweet and natural. (And the man who saves the day is a critic played by George Sanders.) The dialogue slashes through all the characters; it's terribly well-written and terribly well-spoken. Somehow the superficial nature and pretenses of the theater -- and by extension, the world of cinema -- is shattered by someone who's standing nearby to pick up the pieces. So, yes, multiple replays are rewarded.
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