Let's face it: You've seen everything there is to see when it comes to fanboy tributes to Star Wars. The sheer volume of fan-made videos, songs, art, tattoos, clothes and even beds is overwhelming. We've reached a fan-tribute saturation point wherein one needs a particularly novel hook to go viral, and in the case of 'BLACKSTORMTROOPER2,' that hook is none other than Donald Faison, star of 'Scrubs,' 'Skyline' and, who could forget, 'Clueless.'

Like many younger actors in Hollywood, Faison has been quite open about his love for Star Wars. But unlike most of his peers who talk a good talk (or wear the hell out of a vintage T-shirt), Faison is a genuine nerd, and 'BLACKSTORMTROOPER2' proves it. Faison wrote, directed, animated, edited and voiced the nearly three-minute revisionist, stop-motion short that kicks off the adventures of JackMove and TheBlack-R2 as they escape an Imperial Space Station.

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