The ongoing protests and riots in Egypt involving the country's fight for freedom and justice -- as well as the atrocious media gag order that President Mubarak imposed -- have left many people around the world glued to the news minute by minute.

Pornographer, sex worker and atheist Furry Girl (I'll let you discover the origin of her name for yourself ...) has been watching the events closely, too, and like most concerned people, she isn't taking the news lightly (according to her Twitter page). She does, however, want to explain what's going on to those who can't seem to wrap their minds around it. After all, the news can be a total spaz to follow sometimes. That's why she penned 'Raiders of the Lost Mubarak,' a pictorial guide detailing the Egyptian revolution to Americans "through a medium they all understand -- a Hollywood movie that involves Egypt." She's talking about 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' of course.

Depending on your political stance, and if you're OK with folks using a lighthearted approach to serious issues, this graphic may or may not win you over. Still, we adore all things Indy -- and Toht's melty face -- so we had to share it. Check it out after the jump, and let us know if this filled in any of the cracks for you, or if the cracks were too much for you to handle.
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Raiders of the Lost Ark
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