Let's start with the interesting casting, shall we? It's all downhill from there.

Just the other day, Benjamin Walker was cast as Honest Abe in the upcoming film 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,' which will see our 16th president fighting off fanged fiends. Now he might have a mentor: Joaquin Phoenix. Deadline reports that he's the front-runner for the gig, the "Watcher" to Walker's presidential slayer. Is Phoenix finally done with his weirdly hairy rap urges?

And remember 'Real Genius'? The flick where Val Kilmer played the loose-cannon genius who loves toxic waste? According to THR, he's teaming up with the genius who cracked under pressure, Lazlo (or, in the real world, Jon Gries), for a new feature. Less quirky and more heartfelt, 'Deep in the Heart' will tell the story of an alcoholic who reinvents himself and uses charitable donations to put hundreds of kids through college. Oh, and Kilmer's also very hairy in it. Check out their reunion pic in the THR link.

Hit the jump and prepare to groan ...
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