Of course, any horror fan worth his or her salt can tell you that Stephen King's 'The Stand' has already been adapted for the (television) screen ... but that was way back in 1994, and it wasn't very good. Now comes word from The Hollywood Reporter that producer Roy Lee is very interested in turning Stephen King's classic tale of the apocalypse into a feature film, perhaps even more than one. (Have you ever seen the size of this book? The unabridged version has been known to cause hernias.)

Details are slim at this early moment, but we know that CBS Films and Warner Bros. are planning to work the project together, that Stephen King will be involved in some capacity (cameo, no doubt), and that the producers will soon be meeting with potential writers and directors to decide, well, how many movies they're going to make. For starters.

As THR notes, with this project and the 'Dark Tower' currently being constructed for Ron Howard, this could signal a renaissance for some of Mr. King's more epic material. Dare we ask for a film adaptation of 'The Eyes of the Dragon'?