If you've ever attended a big film festival, then you're familiar with bumpers. Prior to a film screening, the festival shows these tiny video introductions (called "bumpers") that help promote the festival and its sponsors while giving you a brief chuckle before diving into the movie. Some fests are more creative than others (SXSW especially, which goes to great lengths to create hilarious short films for their bumpers), while others prefer a more clean, professional look.

This year the Sundance Film Festival screened one introductory video that asked us to imagine a world without stories and then flipped through several screenshots of past Sundance films set to a nice, sweet, inspirational tune. However, the festival had commissioned a few more comical bumpers from two of last year's short filmmakers, Jeremy Konner ('Drunk History: Douglass & Lincoln') and Jordan Vogt-Roberts ('Successful Alcoholics'), but then dropped them at the last minute.

According to Vulture, Konner's concepts were rejected early on; Vogt-Roberts' ideas -- which included a series of bumpers that poked fun at Hollywood and the way it treats independent films -- were approved and shot, but the festival scratched them from the schedule at the last minute for fear they were "too edgy." Check out the four bumpers, which feature funny cameos from Tony Hale and Jason Ritter, after the jump, and let us know if you think these were too inappropriate to screen.