Sometimes obsession can be a good thing (scientific breakthroughs, for one), sometimes it can be a creepy thing (don't stalk me, bro), but when it comes to film, obsession is almost always a fascinating thing. After all, some movies are just too dang vague, so it takes a focused film geek to fill in the gaps. For example, how many days does Bill Murray's character spend trapped in a time loop in 'Groundhog Day'?

The film never gives us a final tally. Director Harold Ramis once stated that it must have been around 10 years, but he later amended that by saying 10 years was far too short. So what's the real answer?

Enter Obsessed With Film writer Simon Gallagher's ridiculously thorough examination of all of the evidenced presented in Ramis' film: how long it would take to learn to throw playing cards (six months at a conservative estimate of four or five hours a day of practice), how long it would take to become a master ice sculptor (seven years at four to five hours per day), how long it would take to watch a movie 100 times and so on and so on.

And after all that math (he even accounts for the extra day in leap years, though would leap years really matter if he's stuck in a world that never fully orbits the sun?), what's the final count? A whopping 12,403 repeated days, which is just shy of some 34 years stuck in timeless, existential limbo.

Again, click here to see just how much energy Gallagher put into discerning that number. Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day!
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