We're all used to seeing the politics of the Oscars – not a year goes by now where studios don't get out and campaign for their films (and in the case of 'The Hurt Locker' producer Nicolas Chartier, actively campaign against other contenders), but it's not nearly as common to see an entire industry outside of Hollywood get in on the act.

That's changed this year. The stage is currently being set for a showdown between the Oil and natural gas industry's Energy in Depth and 'Gasland' director Josh Fox. What's at stake in this modern David vs. Goliath tale? One gold statue named Oscar.

Fox's film, which explores how natural gas drilling may not be as safe as we've all been led to believe, is nominated in the Best Documentary category. The director sets off on an odyssey to learn more about the industry after being asked to lease his land for drilling. What he uncovers is scary stuff –- including drinking water so full of natural gas that it can be set on fire right from the faucet.

Naturally, EiD and the industry they represent aren't thrilled by Fox's film. When an industry is creating flammable drinking water (allegedly), that's not the best thing from a P.R. standpoint. As such, they've set out to confront Fox and 'Gasland,' suggesting that the film doesn't deserve Oscar recognition since it's filled with false information.

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In Theaters on September 15, 2010

When Josh Fox receives a $100,000 offer from a natural gas company interested in exploring in his land... Read More