Once zombies lumbered into the popular culture, there was no stopping them. Movies and other forms of entertainment have explored how legions of zombie children, zombie sheep and zombie plants would munch our flesh, but what about little people? A new short film (har har) directed by Ezekiel Zabrowski and Frank Ippolito, 'Night of the Little Dead,' may have the answer. They've released a behind-the-scenes trailer to whet our appetite for brains and teensy zombies. As Zabrowski and Ippolito say, "It's the little things that getcha."

From what we can gather in the teaser video and Dread Central, who recently spoke with the NOTLD crew, the story goes something like this. Two guys from Chicago head to a small Wisconsin town on a fishing trip. Penn Jillette plays the surly big-city guy and Adam Savage ('MythBusters') is his quiet pal. They have no idea that there's a train car nearby filled with bloodthirsty little people that the town tried to get rid of ages ago. When the boys hit the water to hook themselves a fish, they end up as bait when zombies attack.