The South by Southwest Film Festival, which is held in Austin, Texas, from March 11–20, has announced its feature film slate for this year's festival. It is a dizzying lineup, clocking in at 130 feature films, nearly half of which will be world premieres. And if a film count that high sounds daunting, imagine the task the SXSW programmers had to undertake when watching all 1,792 submissions to find the 130 that best fit the festival.

You can pore through the entire list of accepted films below, but we'd like to take a second to highlight just a handful of the films that we'll be keeping a keen eye on in a few weeks' time. And keep your own eyes peeled here next week, which is when SXSW will be announcing their midnight films, their short films and SXFantastic, a group of films hand picked by Fantastic Fest.

What jumps out at us, in no particular order: