This year there will be plenty of G- and PG-rated animated and family-friendly movies ('Gnomeo & Juliet,''Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2,''Cars 2' and 'Mars Needs Moms' to name a few) that parents won't have to think twice about letting their kids see. The real concern for parents will be those movies that many kids will want to see but aren't obviously targeted to kids, or even teens. We've compiled a list of some of 2011's hottest releases that will appeal to young moviegoers even if they aren't, ahem, appropriate, and tell you which ones you might want to consider before buying those advance tickets.

Red Riding Hood'Red Riding Hood' (March 11)
Rating: Not Yet Rated, Probably PG-13
Who Will Want to See It: This Catherine Hardwicke–directed teen-Gothic twist on the timeless fairy tale is a best-selling young adult book about a girl, a love triangle and the supernatural violence that plagues her village. (The Big Bad Wolf could be a sexy boy!) It stars Amanda Seyfried and sounds a bit like 'Twilight,' so expect tween girls and teens especially to want to check it out.
Parental Concerns: The trailer emphasizes both sexuality and violence, so this looks like a movie that is best for actual teens and not upper-elementary-schoolers who might be drawn to the romantic themes.