If you don't already recognize Adrian Holmes, you will by the end of the year. The Vancouver-based actor is best known for his role as Basqat on 'Smallville,' and in 2011 you can catch him on the big screen in 'Frankie and Alice' as Halle Berry's love interest, 'Red Riding Hood' as Gary Oldman's right-hand man, and 'Wrecked,' alongside Adrien Brody.

Holmes also has guest appearances coming up on shows like 'V' and 'Human Target.' As if that hasn't kept him busy enough, he has also lent his voice and likeness to video games like 'Medal of Honor.'

We caught up with the incredibly busy actor to get the scoop on what it was like to go horseback riding with Gary Oldman, how he became a video game character and why Halle left him tongue-tied.
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