In a world where people like Coco can become famous by tweeting pictures of her butt and Paris Hilton rides an almost decade-long reign of fame for doing, well, I'm not sure what she does,it's almost baffling that someone who stars in high-profile movies alongside the likes of Cher, Emma Stone and Robert Pattinson still illicitis a "Who?" if you utter his name.

Clearly Cam Gigandet doesn't know how to properly play the fame game. He's been in a ton of high-profile movies lately, including 'Burlesque,' 'Easy A,' 'Twilight' and this week's 'The Roommate.' And yet he's hardly a household name. Why are so many nobody do-nothings getting so much press (I won't name any names –- cough, cough, 'Teen Mom's, cough, cough, Kardashian family), while Cam is flying so far under the radar? He has all the makings of a media darling, including discernible skills, rock-hard abs and an impish smile. So what gives?

The problem may lie in his down-to-earth lifestyle. Cam appears to be a low-key family man who enjoys spending time with his longtime girlfriend, Dominique, and daughter Everleigh Ray. His drama-free personal life may be great for his mental well-being, but it's certainly not going to land him on any tabloid covers.

To help you out, Cam, here are 20 surefire ways anyone who's halfway famous can boost his profile. If it worked for Tila Tequila, it can work for you. You're an actual movie star! Keep these simple steps in mind if you ever decide to pursue the fame-monster more aggressively. You're welcome.
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