Last March, Michael Bay was on top of the world, said to have earned $125 million in 2009 -- at least, according to Vanity Fair's estimates. And now it's time to see who's on top for 2010, and while the economy might still be hurting, money is pouring into Hollywood.

Perhaps it's spoilerish to jump right to the no. 1 spot, but the name should come as no surprise. James Cameron zips to the top with the super-high total of $257 million -- an amount that's more than the next three top earners combined. Writing, producing and directing the blockbuster 'Avatar' gave Cameron one hell of a paycheck, though it seems a bit more reasonable when you consider the fact that the film has made almost $3 billion.

A myriad of new names have hit the list this year, including Vin Diesel, who makes the list because of his fee for 'Fast Five;' Joel Silver hits the 25 spot for the blockbuster that was 'Sherlock Holmes,' and Jon Favreau may have been absent in 2009, but a year later, he's in the Top 20 for his earnings with 'Iron Man 2' and fees for 'Cowboys & Aliens.'
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